Total drugstore birthday boy

Total drugstore birthday boy

Aniversário Drogaria Total

Want to give away part of a forest? Copaíba does it for you!

  1. You choose how many trees you want to plant;
  2. Copaíba receives your order and plans to plant its trees in this rainy season;
  3. Copaíba plants and takes care of the trees for you;
  4. You and Drogaria Total receive information about the planting and development of trees.

Copaíba has been operating for 21 years, restoring and conserving the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.
Find out how this work is done and where the trees you are buying go (click here).

Did you have any doubts? Contact us! 😀

Note: To generate the invoice for the purchase of your trees, choose the payment method and click on “subscribe”. But rest assured, this purchase will not be recurring.
And the information “value/day” is the option of the system itself. There will be no charge per day. The payment is one time, ok? 😉
If you generate a payment slip and the message “boleto not registered” appears, wait a few hours for the information to arrive in the system.